What is TEFL?

  • The acronym “TEFL” stands for “Teaching English as a Foreign Language”. When people say “TEFL”, they are generally referring to a world of teaching, where the students are not native speakers of English, and where the teachers may or may not be native speakers of English.
  • TEFL exists in practically every country worldwide due to the high demand for learning English as an international language, i.e. TEFL exists in countries where English is not the first language such as in China, The Czech Republic or Brazil as well as in countries where English is the first language for example Australia, Canada or United Kingdom.
  • Note that TEFL refers to the teaching of English, not its learning. It therefore concentrates more on teachers or those wishing to teach rather than on learners.

Who can enroll in your TEFL course?

  • be at least 18
  • be a native English speaker or a non-native with a high proficiency in English
  • have the minimum qualification necessary to enter university
  • do our entry tests

Why should I apply with TEFL Pro Prague?

  • We offer small-class lessons with a highly individualized hands-on approach. In our class there are between 3 and 8 trainees only! We will therefore have time to continuously assess your professional development and provide thorough feedback.
  • With us you will study in the historical center of Prague. You are therefore guaranteed to truly soak up the culture and history of magical Prague.
  • Our trainees can choose from 3 TEFL programs, so as to hone in on the skills required for the desired focus of their future career. These programs include, Young Learners, Business, and General English classes.
  • We provide support before, during and after the course too. We will help you with visa, job, housing and other services.
  • The top graduates of the class will be offered immediate cooperation with our parner schools.

How much is your TEFL course and what does the price include?

  • The price is $ 1450  for 2022 and $ 1500 for 2023. Check out our website for special offers too!
  • The basic price includes a 4-week intensive TEFL course, course materials, Czech lessons, job assistance (in the Czech Republic and worldwide), CV and interviewing advice, free wireless connection and access to teaching resources, Prague survival package (metro pass assistance, cultural workshop, useful tips) and accomodation assistance.
  • The price doesn´t include extra services such as transfer from the Prague airport, visa services, housing & public transportation pass for the duration of course.

What does your TEFL course look like?

Our 120-hour TEFL course includes theoretical training and teaching practice (F2F as well as online). We cooperate with well established language schools and companies in Prague in order to provide our trainees with real experience and hands-on training. We maintain a strict policy of no more than 3-8 trainees per class, this is to ensure each individual is able to experience sufficient teaching practice and receive thorough feedback.
  • Week 1: In the first week of our TEFL course, you will be introduced to the very basics of lesson planning and English grammar. Also, you will learn how to evaluate your students’ level. We will cover the four main language skills and look at categorizing students by age and level. You will also meet your private students for the first time in order to utilize your newly acquired knowledge immediately. Also, our visa expert will conduct a seminar on obtaining work permits, trade licenses and visas.
  • Week 2: In the second week we will focus on the more complex features of English grammar (eg. conditionals, modal verbs) as well as classroom management (correcting mistakes, testing, mixed levels etc.).
  • Week 3: In the third week we will take a more detailed look at the four main language skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Methodologically, we will explore ways of teaching English phonology, the use of multimedia in your classroom, and the main differences between teaching general and business English.
  • Week 4: In week four, the TEFLPRO team will make sure to review all you have learned so far, and offer more advanced ELT seminars, such as preparing your students for exams, using games, role playing activities etc. On top of that, our team will provide individual consultation and optional seminars. At the end of week four, you will take the exam.

What can I do with your TEFL certificate?

Upon graduation, you will receive a TEFL certificate which will enable you to teach English anywhere in the world. To the top graduates in the class, we offer immediate cooperation with our school Linguaprofessional, as well as our partner schools James Cook Languages and Channel Crossings. Our career consultants, both in Prague and globally located, will help you secure the job of your dreams.

How to enroll in your TEFL course?

  • Step 1. Fill in the application form
  • Step 2. Send us your CV/ Do our entry tests/Conduct a Skype interview
  • Step 3. Pay a reservation fee

Do I need a visa to do your TEFL course in Prague?

Most of our students are not subject to visa requirements and can stay in the Czech Republic without a visa for up to 90 days in any 180-day period. To stay in the Czech Republic for more than 90 days, citizens of non-EU countries require a long-term visa or a long-term or permanent residence permit.

What are the monthly costs in Prague?

  • Accommodation: 500 – 1000 USD/month
  • Food: 10-20 USD/day
  • Metro Pass: 30 USD/month

Can I earn enough money for living in Prague?

There is a high demand for English teachers in The Czech Republic. There are many international companies based in Prague which require English at a communicative level and pay for their employees English courses. Many English kindergartens have been springing up during last few years too. The usual rate for 60 minutes starts at 10EUR (12 USD).

Do you guarantee a job placement?

We can ensure work to most of our TEFL graduates. Our trainees get the chance to meet the HR managers of our school partner schools. The top graduates of the class will be offered immediate cooperation with any of these schools. Our career consultants, located both in Prague and globally, will help you find the job of your dreams!

Do I have to pay health insurance?

If you want to work in The Czech Republic, you have to pay at least the minimum health insurance deposit which is 65EUR/month (82USD/month) for this year. The full package price includes on top of the above mentioned things extra services such as transfer from the Prague airport, visa services, housing & free public transportation pass for the duration of course.