Do Our TEFL course in Prague Historical Center and Teach English in Prague

Why Do Your TEFL Course With Us?

Do Your TEFL Course in the Historical Center of Prague

  • Our school premises are centrally located in the heart of Prague, just a few steps from the Old Town Square. With an abundance of cozy restaurants and cafes, as well as the most visited historical monuments such as Old Town City Hall, the imposing St. Nicholas Church, and a plethora of buildings adorned with baroque and cubist architecture within such a close proximity, you are guaranteed to truly soak up the culture and history of magical Prague whilst taking our TEFL course in Prague. With our TEFL certification you can start teaching English immediately with our partner schools in Prague as well as abroad.

Do Your TEFL Course in a Small Group With a Highly Individualized Hands-on Approach

  • In our class there are between 3 and 6 TEFL trainees. We will therefore have time to continuously assess your professional development and provide thorough feedback on your teaching and other skills. You will experience a lot of varied teaching practice and get a real insight into teaching English as a foreign language (this is what TEFL stands for). Our instructors will establish a close rapport with you and remain in contact after the course to further assist you in your career.

We Will Give You Hand Before, During and After Your TEFL Course

  • Assistance Before TEFL Course

    Before you enroll in our TEFL course, we will advise you on any steps you might want to take before you come to Europe, in order to ensure a smooth move to Prague.
  • Housing During TEFL Course

    We help our students find accommodation during the course. You can choose from one of these housing options: private apartment: 28-35 USD/night, private bedroom: 18-24 USD/night. All prices are inclusive of utilities and wifi connection.
  • Visa Assistance During TEFL Course

    In order to teach in Prague, you need to apply for a visa and "živno" (a trade licence). In the first week of our TEFL course, we provide a free session with our visa expert, who will be able to answer all your questions about visas, work permits, trade licenses etc.
  • Job Assistance During TEFL Course - Teach in Prague

    We can ensure work to most of our TEFL graduates. Our trainees get the chance to meet the HR managers of our partner schools in Prague. The top graduates of the class will be offered immediate cooperation with any of these schools. Our career consultants, located both in Prague and globally, will help you find the job of your dreams - teach in Prague!
  • After-Course Assistance

    In the first week of our TEFL course, we provide a free session with our expert, who will be able to answer all your questions about after-course accommodation and related things. You will become a part our network where we share job opportunities and news from the world of teaching. We will keep you in the loop!
  • Other Services

    We will kindly help you get your metro pass, open your Czech bank account, or just show you around magical Prague during our social events such as a tour round the Prague ZOO, etc.

What Does Our TEFL Course Look Like?

Our TEFL Course Outline

Our TEFL course in Prague includes 100 hours of theoretical training and 20 hours of teaching practice. We cooperate with well established language schools and companies in Prague in order to provide our trainees with real experience and hands-on training.

  • In the first week of our TEFL course in Prague, you will be introduced to the very basics of lesson planning and English grammar. Also, you will learn how to evaluate your students' level. We will cover the four main language skills and look at categorizing students by age. You will also meet your private students for the first time in order to utilize your newly acquired knowledge immediately.
  • In the second week we will focus on the more complex features of English grammar (eg. conditionals, modal verbs) as well as classroom management (correcting mistakes, testing, mixed levels etc.). Also, our visa expert will conduct a seminar on obtaining work permits, trade licenses and visas./
  • In the third week we will take a more detailed look at the four main language skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Methodologically, we will explore ways of teaching English phonology, the use of multimedia in your classroom, and the main differences between teaching general and business English.
  • In week four, the TEFL Pro team will make sure to review all you have learned so far, and offer more advanced ELT seminars, such as preparing your students for exams, using games, role playing activities etc. On top of that, our team will provide individual consultation and optional seminars. At the end of week four, you will take the exam.

About Our TEFL Program

Our trainees do general TEFL program in order to hone in on the skills required for teaching adults of different levels. We also offer a possibility to do our Young-learner Program which strongly accentuates all aspects of dealing with young learners from early pre-school age to late adolescence. The program offers unique methodological seminars and workshops with experienced teachers of young learners. A must for anyone who wishes to become young learner experts..

  • Our General Program includes a wide variety of methodological seminars, as well as teaching practice with all kinds of age groups from children to adults. It is designed primarily for TEFL candidates who intend to teach all levels from beginner to proficient and/or a range of age groups. We also recommend this program to candidates who are not yet certain what their target group will be.

Teaching Practice with our TEFL course in Prague

We maintain a strict policy of no more than 3-6 trainees per class, this is to ensure each individual is able to experience sufficient teaching practice and receive thorough feedback.

  • This type of teaching practice is conducted in familiar environments. Our trainees teach individuals or small groups of adult students whilst being observed by their peers and an instructor. The session is followed by oral feedback.
  • In cooperation with our partner language schools in Prague, our trainees get a chance to teach real groups.

    "The pilot project of English courses with TEFL trainees was an excellent experience for our clients, language school and hopefully for the teachers as well. Announced as adventurous courses, our clients were ready to work with teachers-to-be right from the third day of their TEFL course. All courses were observed by TEFL trainers and senior staff from our language school. This way, the trainees received authentic feedback our regular teachers receive after observations. At the same time, we could look for prospective teachers for our courses. It was a great experience to watch the TEFL trainees change from their very first - somewhat insecure - teaching experiments to considerably more confident professionals at the end of the course who were able to create rapport with their students and prepared well-structured lessons that systematically developed students' learning skills. And the transformation we witnessed was truly amazing. Eventually, we were glad to find in all of the trainees our new colleagues."

    Marie Knoflíčková, Director of Studies at Channelcrossings
  • For the sake of being prepared for this type of teaching, our trainees will be introduced to students that they will repeatedly teach at their workplace. The aim of these lessons is for our trainees to learn how to tailor a highly individualized mini-syllabus based on close cooperation with one student over a longer period of time.

What You Can Do with Our TEFL Teaching Certificate

Upon graduation, you will receive our fully accredited certificate which will enable you to teach anywhere in the world. To the top graduates in the class, we offer immediate cooperation with our partner schools in Prague. Our career consultants, both in Prague and globally located, will help you secure the job of your dreams.