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Our school premises are located in the ideal spot to completely immerse yourself in the exciting culture of Prague. We want our trainees to soak up the atmosphere through the duration of the course by providing accommodation facilities close to the training center. With modern shopping malls, authentic Czech-style restaurants and pubs, as well as the most visited historical monuments nearby, there will never be a shortage of ways to spend your time while not in class. We also ensure the provision of all the materials for self-study by giving you full access to the library, as well as offering consultation with our experienced trainers so that you can dive into work while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or tea.


Petra started teaching English while she was doing her university studies back ín 2004. She fell in love with teaching ESL students and has been working as a freelance teacher of English, Spanish and French ever since. Besides teaching and designing the curricula, she is responsible for coordinating and training a team of teachers. In 2012 she set up a TEFL school and developed an intensive TEFL course with focus on teaching practice. 

Olga holds an MA in English Language and Literature. She has been training future teachers since 2005. Languages are more than work for Olga; they’re her passion. She is fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, German, English and Czech, and currently learning Hebrew. Olga has extensive experience with teaching children and young adults in Ukraine and Germany. She has been teaching General English and Business English in Prague for 9 years as well as contributing to Cambridge University Press seminars as a speaker. Olga has been particularly noted for her hands-on personal approach to instructing and for her energetic and fun activities which she uses in class. 

What is it about William? Is it his hair? His smile? His staggering 5’9(ish) stature? All we can say for sure is he has a passion for teaching. After obtaining his degree in English Education at California State University Chico as well as a Minor in Linguistics, he began teaching in Prague. As a result he has experience teaching a wide variety of students in diverse settings. Adults to Children, Beginner to Advanced, from Business English and Test Preparation to General and Conversation based classes , William has taught it all. He is a valuable resource to any teacher considering starting their career in Prague.

Sean O’Hara is from the United States and has been teaching ESL and TEFL in Prague for two years. He earned his BA from the University of Pittsburgh and earned a CELTA certificate right here in Prague. He teaches all fields of English language education with a concentration in general English and test preparation. Sean enjoys living in Prague as well as teaching here. There are many things the city has to offer that he enjoys, but mostly it’s the delicious, yet affordable Czech beer that has kept him here.

Our TEFL course makes a difference thanks to the individual hands-on approach.

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