Pros and Cons of Teaching English in Prague

 Pros: These are just my top 3, but there are millions more to teaching English in Prague.
In the middle of Europe
So not only is Prague an INCREDIBLY beautiful city with so much history and unique stories attached to it, and the cities within Czech Republic as well are fantastically gorgeous, but many European countries are either a 2 hour flight or a 2 hour train/bus trip away. Teaching English in Prague offers quite a flexible schedule, so traveling is definitely doable. Not to mention the cost of living and being close to all these incredible destinations (i.e. Vienna, Berlin, Budapest) makes it even easier.
The students
Teaching English in Prague offers an incredible group of people willing and excited to learn. Not only are the students I have encountered excited to learn, but they are genuinely interested in your well being (as the English teacher). I’ve never been so cared for by students before my time here in Prague. The students, all knowing I am new to the country, have welcomed me with open arms and try their hardest to introduce me to new experiences that are unique to Prague. They take pride in their country and want to share it’s culture with me. In fact, just next weekend my husband and I were invited mushroom picking for a weekend by one of his students. We are so excited and have heard how much fun these weekends can be.
Spring and Summer
We have not yet been here for the spring or summer but I am constantly hearing how beautiful it is. I saw my first glimpses of spring lately and I am stunned. There are flowers on trees every where and so many people are out everywhere stopping at beer gardens, sight seeing, laying in the grass, having picnics on hills, and just strolling through parks. I have even started teaching English outside with my students because it is so gorgeous.
Cons: Unfortunately there are some cons, BUT all of these cons can be turned into pros. I’ll show you how…
The Visa process and other paperwork
Wanting to live and teach in Prague, it is important to be a legal worker and it’s hard when you don’t speak the language…at first. When my husband and I started this process, we felt completely overwhelmed. There was so much paper work. However, we reached out to our friends at TEFL Pro Prague, and we feel so much more at ease. They helped with translators, lawyers, and guided us through each necessary step. We were no longer worried, and we had even better friends after this process. We now have visas and are no longer dreading the paperwork that will come when we renew after 6 months for a 2 year term. We can’t wait to stay longer!! Also, included in this process is an interview at a Czech consulate in another country outside of the Czech Republic. I’m not sure why, but I love it. The closest consulate I believe is Bratislava in Slovakia, which my husband and I just visited and truly loved! Other destinations for the interview include Athens, Greece, Berlin, Germany, Vienna, Austria and quite a few others. We loved being “forced” to travel. Who doesn’t?
Winter weather
My husband and I came in the middle of November. We have been told that this is usually the most difficult time to move to Prague. We understand why. The days are very short. It’s dark on your way to work and dark on your way home (if you have typical hours). It’s cold, but we are both from Michigan in the U.S.A. which is extremely cold in the winter, so we are used to it being much colder. The winters here are actually quite mild comparatively. The outdoor beer gardens are closed. This might be the worst part of the winter :). This winter weather turned into our pro for many reasons! First, we fell in love with Prague at its dreariest, which means this spring and summer stuff is like heaven and we are just walking around the city with stars in our eyes. Second, in the winter, there are not as many tourists, so you have all of the coolest spots in Prague to yourself or with a small group of other residents. Third, MULLED WINE. Because it’s cold and darker, there is mulled wine on every corner in old town and offered at most restaurants throughout the city. It costs about 1.50 USD or 1 Euro and is completely delicious. Lastly, (but I could probably keep going), along with the mulled wine,there are also Christmas Markets all over the place. They sell little trinkets, yummy treats, and mulled wine. When you stroll through a Christmas market, it’s hard to think about the winter weather. Here’s a little drive-by photo of a Christmas Market square by where we live.
Come teach English in Prague! You’ll love the pros AND the cons!