Cultural Differences

Ladies, if you are on a date with a Czech man, allow him to enter the pub first. Coming from the States especially, if a man walked through the door before you on a first date- you would probably be in shock of his poor manners, right? However, in the Czech Republic, if a man enters the bar before you, he is actually proving to you that chivalry isn’t dead after all. Although you’d be hard pressed to actually find any violence in a Czech pub, the man will enter first to ensure that no harm is done on his lovely lady in the unlikely event there is “brawl” taking place upon your arrival.   So a Czech invites you over for dinner. A few things to remember: 1. As with most cultures, don’t come empty handed. Whether you bring flowers, a bottle of wine, chocolate, etc. it’s always well-mannered to show appreciation to the host who put time and effort in to your next meal. 2. Upon arriving in to the home of a Czech, take off your shoes. Actually, walking inside any building at all, take off your shoes. Okay- maybe that’s a bit much, but, when I taught at a Middle School, I got yelled at several times for not bringing ‘inside shoes.’ If you don’t have them, most places offer plastic wrap for your feet. … 3. Tipping. When you go out to eat, most waiters expect about a 10% tip, or just round up. (i.e. your bill is 142 czk, give him 150) .