Teach English Abroad – Any Tips Before You Go?

Are you thinking about moving overseas to teach English abroad? Read Tom´s invaluable “before you go” tips.

Okay, we’re moving to Prague! Now what? Shortly after our exciting decision to move to Europe and teach English abroad, we went down our contact list and spread the news. After an interesting mixture of reactions, one question seemed to appear in every conversation: “How are you able to live and work over there?” Our response usually went something like this, “that’s a damn good question… we have no idea.”

Luckily, we had an excellent experience with our TEFL program. They sent us information that allowed us to prepare the proper documentation for our visas and provided a checklist of personal items for us to pack. But even with all of that information, we still had difficulty obtaining the correct documents (this is partially our fault).

So, my advice to you if you are thinking of doing TEFL in Prague: Know EXACTLY what you need to obtain your working visa (most people get on the Zivno list, so do some research on that).  Also, START THE PROCESS EARLY! It’s tempting to put all of the paperwork off because you are busy planning the fun stuff, but trust me on this one – It is easy to plan trips and adventures once you get here, but TAKE CARE OF THE IMPORTANT STUFF first.

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