Teach me how to teach English abroad III

After a month of sitting in class all day, studying all night, teaching actual students, crying occasionally (optional), and acing the grammar test, you are now a full-fledged, certified TEFL teacher. Since you are such a badass teacher, it was easy to secure a full-time TEFL gig. Welcome to the real TEFL world. Here are some tips on how to teach English abroad:

  • Use your time wisely! During your TEFL course, you typically had 1 lesson a day to prepare for. Now you have 5, or 6, or 7, or 8, or more! Shit! But don’t worry – all this means is that you need to manage your time. Always try to create your lessons more efficiently (but efficiently, I mean faster). Over time, you should be able to create an entire lesson in few minutes!
  • Be prepared! This is pretty self explanatory, but don’t forget it. Be prepared and then prepare some more. You never know when someone might want to move his or her lesson up or add on some time. Always have something in your back pocket.
  • Choose a schedule that works for you! Being a TEFL teacher is awesome if you are happy with the amount of lessons you have and their locations. If this is not the case, change it. Everyone has different preferences – some like to travel all over the city, some like all of their lessons to be in the same place. Figure out what you like, and create the schedule you want.
  • Let your students talk! Your TEFL teachers will tell you this, but it is SO IMPORTANT that your students actually speak English to each other. Create lessons with a lot of student talking time, and watch your students grow.
  • Don’t be afraid to error correct! You will have to learn it if you wanna teach English abroad because error correction is extremely important when learning a second language, so don’t be afraid to fix mistakes. That being said, don’t be a dick. Your students are not going to want to talk if you jump in to correct them every other word. Let them talk and feel comfortable, but make sure you are helping them!
 These are five very basic tips when starting your TEFL teaching career – there are plenty more that you will learn during your TEFL course. Just remember that teaching English abroad is fun. If you want to be to a good TEFL teacher, you will be.