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Teach me how to TEFL abroad II

At the end of your TEFL course, you will have to take a grammar test. Yeah, it sucks. But, if you put a little effort into studying, it will make TEFL much, much easier. It will also give you A TON of confidence. I never thought being able to identify the second conditional would be satisfying, but it certainly is. And you will definitely need to get a grip on English grammar if you want to teach English abroad. Here are some tips to help with the grammar test:


  • Start studying early! Typically, the grammar test is in the last week of a month long TEFL course. So you might be saying, “why not just study the week before the test?” Or, “it can’t be that hard, I’ve spoken English my whole life.” Don’t be an idiot. The English language is quite complex and you will realize that native speakers constantly make mistakes when speaking. If you want to ace the grammar test, start studying in the first week.
  • Do online research! It never hurts to check the Internet. You will likely receive a grammar packet outlining what will be on your test. You will also go over it in class with your instructor. Still, it never hurts to check the Internet. Everyone learns information differently, and there are plenty of different ways to remember grammar points. Plus, the more knowledge you have about specific grammar points, the more confident you will feel heading into the test.
  • Ask your instructors for help! First, they want to help you. While you have been studying this information for weeks, they have been dealing with grammar for years. Second, because it’s hard! It’s really hard! But don’t get frustrated – study, do your best, and you will pass with flying colors.
Many people think that the grammar test is going to be the worst part of their TEFL course – they usually find out that it’s not so bad. It just takes a little bit of hard work, and it turns out to be incredibly beneficial to you TEFL career.  Just do it and teach English abroad!