Our TEFL Accreditation

TEFL Pro Prague is accredited by the independent accreditation body Certified TEFL School (CTS). Our accreditation ensures that our TEFL courses, policies and practices meet generally accepted international quality standards, namely:

accredited tefl course in Prague

  •  at least 100 hours of coursework and training with TEFLPRO teacher trainers

  • at least 6 hours of live practice teaching with thorough observation involving actual ESL students

  • our course instructors hold a Master’s Degree, DELTA or an equivalent amount of training in TESOL, Linguistics, Education

  • our course instructors have got at least 8-year teaching experience

  • TEFL Pro Prague has agreed to comply with CTS’s Standards and Code of Professional Practice

To ensure the quality of the course, TEFL applicants must take a test and write an essay before enrolling. This assures that they meet the course requirements and can successfully complete the course.