What to do with your TEFL Certificate?

TEFL Certificate, now what?
After a month long TEFL course in Prague you feel a strange mixture of relief, stress, sense of accomplishment, and the need for several beers. And the best thing about teaching English in Prague: they have the best beer in the world! So, now you have your TEFL certification in Prague, and you have just celebrated with plenty of pilsner – what the hell do I do now? For me, the answer was look for jobs! Maybe not the most exciting option, given that Prague is located smack-dab in the middle of Europe with great travel opportunities, but it made me feel more comfortable to land a job teaching English in Prague before I explored Europe.
Let me give you one super-secret tip for job hunting: Try! It’s easy to get caught up in the beauty of Prague, and if you put your employment on the back burner you might be going home earlier than expected.
So, my advice: Work on your CV, contact as many language schools as possible, and don’t get discouraged! If you work at it, you will get a job teaching English in Prague, and then you can travel Europe to your heart’s content.
If you’re going to teach English abroad and love to travel, there is no better place to go than Prague.