TEFL in Prague Review

Interview with Karel about his TEFL Experience

Karel Klic, Australia

Why did you decide to go abroad?
I have lived in Australia all my life. I decided to come and see what it’s like to live and work in the country where I was born.
What about TEFL Pro Prague attracted you?
I was mainly drawn to TEFL Pro Prague because of the small class sizes. Another important factor was that the school is located in Old Town, one of the most beautiful locations in Prague.
What was your favorite part about taking the course in Prague with TEFL Pro Prague?
I always felt that the teachers were professional, knowledgeable and understood the outcomes required. They gave me a clear direction and the confidence to teach English effectively, to groups and individuals.
What makes TEFL Pro Prague unique?
TEFL Pro Prague is most unique for its small class sizes, individual attention and real life in-company teaching practice. The course covers all of the required TEFL theory but uniquely focuses on the practical use of the theory.  The small class sizes allow for a very casual and fun learning environment where you and the teachers really get to know each other. The real life in company teaching practice is done throughout the course and organized by the school. One of the teachers provides useful feedback after each lesson.
How did local staff support you during your time in Prague?
The teachers were very friendly and approachable. They were always willing to offer help and advice about anything I needed to know about living in the Czech Republic.
How has earning your TEFL certification in Prague changed your life?
My TEFL certification has enabled me work as an English teacher in Prague for an hourly wage higher than the Czech average. I have had many interesting conversations with students from all walks of life and professions. I now have the ability to return to Australia and come back to this beautiful city, knowing that I will always have the opportunity to further develop my teaching skills and support myself whilst here.
What are you doing with your TEFL certificate currently?
With the support of TEFL Pro Prague, I have been offered work teaching in-company individuals and groups at an upper- intermediate to advanced level. I am also enjoying the challenge of teaching children.