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Interviews With Our Graduates

Interviews with our graduates on Goabroad!

Posted on 23 May 2017
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TEFL in Prague Review

Posted on 06 Jan 2017
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  • I had no idea what to expect when begining the TEFL program in Prague, but as soon as I met Teflpro trainers I knew I was in good hands. From the first day they taught us in an open and engaging manner. They were straight to the point as far as the facts that we absolutely needed to know. They stated them in a simple manner which was easy to understand and remember. However, their real strength in my opinion was teaching us the many creative paths that an english lesson can take. They were able to make us students of our own language, and through the use of games and music I gained a better grasp of the English language than I had ever recieved in my previous educational experiences. As I began to teach English on my own I looked back on and used Teflpro's interactive teaching methods again and again. I found that the ideas and materials that they had introduced to me made for the best and most succesful lessons with my students. I couldn't have asked for a better course!
    Brittany Smith, US
  • I am so glad I chose TEFL Pro Prague for my TEFL certification! The classroom is centrally located, the instructors are wonderful, and the resources are great. The course has great structure and there are a lot of resources for help with lesson planning and reviewing grammar rules. I also received a lot of help with job placement and obtaining a trade license after completing the course. DEFINITELY take this course!
    Cara, US
  • TEFL Pro Prague was highly engaging, informative and insightful course with excellent and experienced tutors! The structure of the course was well formatted and my engagement for each of the topics was maintained throughout as information was broken down into manageable portions and weekly knowledge check quizzes during the course helped reinforce - which further aided understanding of topics covered. I took this course to gauge an insight into what teaching English as a Foreign language would involve and it certainly provided me with such facts and various bits of interesting information. The most useful thing was our practice lessons which gave a real feel of a real class, and a sense of how things work in a reality. The support from the entire team of teachers was excellent and very personal, if I ever needed to ask any questions or had any queries I didn't hesitate to ask, knowing that whoever I spoke to I would get as much help as possible. In summary, I would and have recommended this course to friends and am excited to see what opportunities having this qualification may bring. Thank you!
    Stephanie, CZ
  • Teflpro trainers provided their  knowledge and expertise of teaching English as a second language. They instilled the importance of being flexible and adapting to the individual student’s needs. I left Teflpro´s classroom with a better understanding of the fundamentals of the English language and the confidence to teach students of all ages and language proficiencies.
    Scott Chidgey, UK
  • Less than 2 years ago I took a TEFL certification course with Teflpro. Over a 4 week period they taught us how to manage a wide range of classroom situations and provided us with a comprehensive review of essential grammar topics. Though I never enjoyed or really understood grammar before, the grammar lessons were very informative and presented in ways that were both appealing and easy to understand. The methodology classes were interesting as well and we were taught using many activities and games that I now use in my classes that I teach. I even still keep my notes from the class as a primary resource on grammar and teaching methodology. I have been teaching for one and a half years now, and I dedicate much of my success as a teacher to the training I received from Teflpro. As his student I went from being unsure what English teaching was all about, to being able to confidently teach classes of all sizes and levels. They provided me with the skills and knowledge that I needed to gain employment, and start a career, as an English teacher at multiple schools in Prague.
    William Bright, UK
  • When I enrolled in an international TEFL course, I was a little overwhelmed with the grammar and the thought of teaching different age groups; however, Teflpro trainers helped make me a confident and competent English teacher. Aside from scaffolding the course with necessary background information, they designed and facilitated interesting, hands-on lessons!  Teflpro also helps students after graduation, which is absolutely great!
    Kayla Danay, US
  • When I first arrived in Prague I immediately started my TEFL course. It was stressful trying to adjust to my new environment and learn how to assimilate while taking an intensive course. Teflpro was the best part of this experience because they helped us all to relax by answering all of our questions and offering us assurance. They leave little room for any misunderstanding. They are also relatable and easy to talk to, which makes the process of learning much easier.
    Kendra Gaffin, US
  • Teflpro lessons were always well planned, clear and professionally executed.  Through efficient planning, clear instructions and elements of humour, they made an otherwise fairly dry subject fun, and interesting, and therefore easier to learn/take in. They made everyone feel at ease, praised when appropriate and never patronised.
    Sophie Elisabeth Gray, US
  • Tefl PRO Prague is a great TEFL school. Their lessons were always relevant and engaging. When I began teaching, I was able to connect what I had learned from them to what I encountered in the classroom, including lesson preparation, grammar, and common problems EFL students face. I also loved the unique perspective each teacher brought. Overall, I was very satisfied with the level of instruction they provided.
    Eric Fuchs, US
  • Tefl PRO Prague was an excellent team of instructors. They had an answer for every question, and kept the course both interesting and engaging, constantly offering feedback on our teaching. I couldn't have wished for more thorough instructors who ensured I was well trained to teach English.
    David Thompson, AUS