Dale Brewerton

I had the pleasure of being taught the phonetics, lexis, syntax and function of the English language by Miloslav Tlamicha during the Summer of 2010. Being a reasonably intelligent native English speaker, I arrived at the course thinking that there was very little to learn from anyone. I simply wanted a TEFL certificate. However, Miloslav opened my eyes to a world that is now the base for my every lesson. Not only did I learn components of the English language that I never knew existed, I also realised the teaching style I wanted to emulate.

Initially, Miloslav came across as a pleasant young man that possessed oodles of knowledge, if not a tad distant. Having now aspired to the lead English teacher for a school in England, I now understand the reasoning for the distance. A teacher/student relationship should be just as Miloslav portrayed to me; imparting knowledge with gusto and panache, whilst still maintaining the air of professional responsibility. Miloslav showed me that a good teacher isn’t defined by the knowledge that they know, it’s about how the teacher imparts that knowledge; that’s what truly defines an excellent teacher.

Miloslav taught with patience, humour, knowledge and inclusion; for that, my students and I will always be grateful. Thank you Milo, you have no idea how many people you have inspired.