Brittany Smith

I had no idea what to expect when begining the TEFL program in Prague, but as soon as I met Teflpro trainers I knew I was in good hands. From the first day they taught us in an open and engaging manner. They were straight to the point as far as the facts that we absolutely needed to know. They stated them in a simple manner which was easy to understand and remember. However, their real strength in my opinion was teaching us the many creative paths that an english lesson can take. They were able to make us students of our own language, and through the use of games and music I gained a better grasp of the English language than I had ever recieved in my previous educational experiences. As I began to teach English on my own I looked back on and used Teflpro’s interactive teaching methods again and again. I found that the ideas and materials that they had introduced to me made for the best and most succesful lessons with my students. I couldn’t have asked for a better course!

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