TEFL in Prague – TEFL Pro Prague – review – Saundra K. Wright

I am delighted to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of William Cryer, TEFL Pro Prague grammar specialist. William has been one of my most memorable students here at California State University, Chico. In Fall 2011, William received a BA in English Education with a minor in Linguistics. Since I first met William, he has made it clear to me how much he enjoys learning about languages and interacting with people from different language backgrounds. Thus, I could not be happier to hear he is interested in pursuing a career in teaching English internationally. William has been one of my top students at this university and has my strongest endorsement. Our program in Linguistics at CSU, Chico is fairly small, so I have been fortunate to know William well, both as his teacher and as one of his advisors. William was a student in two of my upper-level linguistics courses—English 477 “Semantics and Meaning” and English 474 “Syntactic and Morphological Analysis.” Both of these courses require students to think about language in an analytical way and to read and write with an unusually high level of clarity and intensity. William fully embraced these challenges, receiving some of the highest scores in both classes on his homework assignments, papers, and exams. It was clear that he had a very good grasp on the material and a true interest in learning about the structure of language. Moreover, I have consistently found William to be one of the most engaged students in my classes. In class discussions, William always asked excellent questions and strived to explore the issues further; in small group work, he made a special effort to facilitate lively interaction, exchange ideas, and both inform and listen to the other students. He clearly had an excellent rapport with his peers. I have also had the opportunity to work with William outside of the classroom through my capacity as the Director of the ESL Resource Center. The ESL Resource Center is a tutoring center for non-native speakers of English, providing them with assistance on their spoken language, reading comprehension, and written skills. In Fall 2011, William signed up for an internship in the Center where he began working as a language tutor; from the start, William has proven to be a wonderful resource for the international students on our campus. Students have quickly been drawn to his upbeat personality and the efficient and thoughtful manner in which he addresses their language concerns. William is particularly good at being direct when working with students on their writing but not being directive. That is, he is very successful at helping students discover the knowledge they are lacking in English without telling them what they have to do or taking over their voices. He is frequently praised by students for the interactive way in which he approaches their tutoring sessions and his ability to focus on the content of their papers in addition to grammatical form. William truly loves interacting with students from diverse populations, and I think he has a very bright future in education. Thus, I strongly encourage you to consider William for your position—he is a true gem! Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any further assistance in clarifying my thoughts about William.