William Bright

Less than 2 years ago I took a TEFL certification course with Miloslav as my instructor. Over a 4 week period he taught us how to manage a wide range of classroom situations and provided us with a comprehensive review of essential grammar topics. Though I never enjoyed or really understood grammar before, the grammar lessons were very informative and he presented the complex grammar topics in ways that were both appealing and easy to understand. His methodology classes were interesting as well and we were taught using many activities and games that I now use in my classes that I teach. I even still keep my notes from the class as a primary resource on grammar and teaching methodology.

I have been teaching for one and a half years now, and I dedicate much of my success as a teacher to the training I received from Miloslav. As his student I went from being unsure what English teaching was all about, to being able to confidently teach classes of all sizes and levels. He provided me with the skills and knowledge that I needed to gain employment, and start a career, as an English teacher at multiple schools in Prague.