World Hockey Championships – From Prague to Ostrava

One of the best features about teaching English in Prague is that you get to travel.

There are so many beautiful and interesting places to see – and luckily, Prague is located directly in the center of Europe!

If you’re going to teach English abroad and love to travel, there is no better place to go than Prague.  About 6 months after arriving in Prague and completing my TEFL course, my wife and I took an amazing trip to Ostrava, Czech Republic. One of my friends plays in the NHL and was fortunate enough to make the US National team, so we went to watch him and see a new city. Win, win!   Ostrava is an industrial town in the far-east corner of the Czech Republic. Being an industrial town, it has a completely different feel than Prague. While Prague is full of Gothic and Baroque buildings as far as the eye can see, Ostrava has mainly factories and a more dingy, dark feel to it.   That being said, we loved it!  We had dinner in a traditional Czech pub, the food was great, and the atmosphere in the ice arena was incredible. And the icing on the cake: USA beat Finland 5-1, and I got to see my buddy. It couldn’t have been more perfect.   Our trip to Ostrava is a great example of the advantages TEFL in Prague can offer. Before I moved to Europe, I had never heard of Ostrava. Actually, Prague was the only city I knew in the Czech Republic! But that’s the point: You are able to discover wonderful things that you never knew existed. This was all possible because I decided to teach English abroad, and because I chose TEFL in Prague.
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